• cp150relentlesslyGayBag
    Time to move on, at least for now, from the slow, painful demise of SiriusXM’s withOutQ channel. Turning now to news (not today’s, but still something of [keep reading]
  • without200q
    This started out as an Open Letter to the management of SiriusXM and specifically their OutQ channel. As it progressed I realized it was actually a rumination on something I [keep reading]
  • sisterUnity220
    Sister Unity (found on Facebook) responds to a self-professed gay male Roman Catholic political activist who accused Sisters (as in, of Perpetual Indulgence) of [keep reading]
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    At the founding of the USA the concept of Religious Freedom as used in the US Constitution was clear and focussed. In contrast to European countries with Established Churches [keep reading]
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    As long as I can remember I have defined a slut as “someone who has more sex than the person using the term,” because that’s how the word seems to be used. [keep reading]
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    I came out as gay to my family and the world (well, the readership of the Chatham Daily News) late in 1977. Although I’ve always reserved the right to decide whether or [keep reading]

Designs I Like



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    Welcoming 2015 with one last (well, maybe) look at 2014. In response to 2011 New Year’s Meme at Life Over Here, by my good friend Kayecee. Here are my answers to her 30 [keep reading]
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    Perhaps this is the result of yesterday’s seminar on Storytelling for Photographers, or it could just be the way my brain deals with life, who knows? Be that as it may, [keep reading]
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    Driving home from taking jason to work (for 6am shift) I was listening to The Bridge; Channel 32 on Sirius Satellite Radio. The station plays “the softer side of [keep reading]

Brushing Fame

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    I’ve resisted writing this post because so many people have commented on Robin Williams’ passing- what could I add? The passing of Joan Rivers, a recent article [keep reading]
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    Over the past few days I have been contemplating a new blog post about Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, selfishness, celebrity and my Grandma’s last few years- plus [keep reading]
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    Gratitude and Trust: Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life by Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson Publication Date: September 16, 2014 The authors borrow heavily (and [keep reading]